Who I Am

I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BBA in Design Marketing, a combination of the best of both worlds — business and art. It was not until two and a half years after graduating that a professor at School of Visual Arts, where I had been taking an Art Direction & Copywriting class, asked me if I had a portfolio, because if I didn’t, that I really should, since there was an opening for an art director at his company. I stayed late at work for over two weeks working on my portfolio. And that is how I got my first job as an art director at Saatchi & Saatchi.

I like to think I was in the business of helping people. In over a decade, I have helped people get their morning off to a healthy start (Cheerios); helped them get the toughest stains out of their clothes (Tide); helped Moms feed their babies (Similac); given parents of children with ADD hope (Adderall XR); and encouraged teens to know that they can make a difference in crime prevention (Ad Council).

After thirteen years in advertising, I elected to return to my alma mater to pursue a degree in Interior Design. I wanted to do something that was still creative, albeit on a more three-dimensional scale. Since 2010, I have worked on a country home in Morgantown, PA, a cabin in The Catskills, NY and a brownstone in Jersey City, NJ.

In September of 2011, I traveled 2,470 miles from the east coast and left behind what I had known as home for the past 37 years, with my boyfriend, one suitcase, and the tabbiest tabby as my carry-on and landed in Portland, OR.

Here, I live among the douglas firs, create things, go adventuring and appreciate the sun even more when it does choose to shine.